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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Photoshop tags

Since I have been working on Photoshop over the last few days I have been making some journaling tags.  It has been fun working with the brushes, textures, patterns, and creating vintage style tags.  I also have enjoyed working on making my own papers.  I really like how they are turning out.

Monday, November 14, 2011

page 2 of the ledger paper

 I used the same brushes in this one as the last tag I made. 

Tag Ledger made in photoshop

I made this tag in photoshop after watching a few tutorials.  I hope you all like it here are the tutorials and some places to find the brushes that I used in this tag.

1. the roses were from this site. 
2. the butterflies are a number of different ones just search butterfly at this site.
3. the ledger paper is from this site.
4. the tutorials I used are:
http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/18272200 from The Krafty Kow.com

I also used a number of grunge brushes and also vintage brushes.  The vintage brushes are very fun to mess around with you can find old post cards, stamps, tickets, and many others.  If you are like me and have not used Photoshop much I encourage you to try it and you may just find that you can make your own tags, papers and so much more.   It was fun to do this, now I have a way of making some really neat tags for my mini albums.  I love them.  

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Iris fold pattern site

These are some sites that have iris fold patterns.



Some of the basic patterns are the square, hexagon, triangle, and pentagon.

Iris folds

This is an iris fold. I made these in a waterfall card for my 8 x 8 album. In traditional iris folds you fold strips of paper in half then line up the folded pieces to the design sheet that is temporarily taped to the cut out picture or frame. In these iris folds I didn't actually fold the paper I just cut it into straight pieces since the folds would have made the design to thick and chunky. You can find patterns online for iris folds or you can make a cut out of your own picture. You then put the pattern on to the cut out so you can see where the lines are and line up your papers on the lines to make the iris fold look.